In part one of our new Changing Tastes series, we take a look at why consumer food and drink preferences are changing so quickly

When it comes to the latest consumer trends, SIGnals has its finger on the pulse. Our stories have explored everything from the rise of premiumisation and the superfood surge to the healthy ageing era and much more. It’s clear that consumer food and drink tastes, preferences and demands are constantly changing. But why?


Trends and tastes

Several megatrends are at play in driving new consumer demands. The global population is soaring, more people are gravitating to fast-paced urban areas, incomes are steadily rising and the consumer market is more competitive than ever. All of which is dramatically affecting the way we live, work and consume products.  

As consumer demands change to suit evolving lifestyles, food and beverage companies are striving to keep up or, even better, stay one step ahead. So in this rapidly changing market, what products are the current big winners? Which segments are on the up and becoming more popular? And how are producers and brands responding?

In our Changing Tastes series, we’ll answer all these questions and more. We’ll put the spotlight on the fastest-growing product segments, reveal the key trends taking place, and see the kinds of food and beverages entering the market.

Look out for part two when we’ll examine the boom in lactose-free products.

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