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If you said yes to any one of these questions, we recommend to read the following 3 questions-interview on the performancePlus service agreement with Birgit Clever, Head of Global Service at SIG:

SIGnals: What do you think characterises good customer service?

Birgit Clever: When a food manufacturer opts for SIG, then our goal is to enable that customer to make the best possible use of our technology. Our job is to advise, train and support the customer so that he can manufacture smoothly and with maximum efficiency. Our customers’ success is as important to us as our own. So it’s also our goal, together with our customers, to rise to the current challenges and find suitable solutions. And because our customers’ products, factories and employees are unique, we take a very close look at each individual case. It’s against this background that we created performancePlus, the latest service offer from SIG Combibloc.


What’s so special about performancePlus compared to other service offers from SIG?

Birgit Clever: Previously, we provided our customers with a good technical service and a reliable spare parts supply. There were also service offers available for selected areas such as training or consulting. To keep up with the requirements of today’s market, the increasing cost pressure and increasing consumer demands, we needed new service approaches and offers. A first step in examining and optimising the production processes as a whole was our Operational Excellence Consulting (OEC). And now we’re going a step further: performancePlus is no ready-made service offer, but a service package individually tailored to the customer, with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing TCOs.

Following an extensive on-site analysis, we work together with the customer to develop measures for optimising his processes. If these measures are implemented, we assure the customer as part of the performancePlus service package significantly higher performance of his filling lines – increases of more than 5% are not uncommon. The customer pays for a specific level of filling line performance, and not for the carrying out of a specific service. Another difference from SIG’s existing consulting offer consists in that the customer not only is given suggestions, but will also be given all-round support in implementing any measures.


Have you already had feedback on performancePlus from customers?

Birgit Clever: The service package is designed especially for performance-oriented companies that work in a very process-oriented way and manage production largely via key data. We wanted to offer these customers a service package that’s attractive for them and holds no risks. The first contracts have already been signed, and others are being negotiated as we speak. We have the impression that customers have just been waiting for an offer like this.


You´ll find more about performancePlus in our customer magazine. Comment or share this article or email us on machine-performance.


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