In part one of our new Connect to Nature series, we see why it’s more important than ever for businesses to show they’re supporting sustainability

Sustainability has become a defining issue of our time. In every industry – especially food and beverage – businesses are under pressure to consider their environmental and social impact, with much of the demand coming from consumers.

Research from GlobeScan shows nearly two thirds of consumers believe they have a responsibility to purchase products good for the environment and society. And according to Nielsen, 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for social- and environment-friendly products.

Consumers are more conscious than ever. They’re prioritising brands that drive sustainability and offer transparent information to prove it. But the challenge for brands is how can they make this information readily available to strengthen trust and authenticity?

Making an impact

Connected packaging has opened up a world of possibilities to communicate with consumers in more engaging and meaningful ways. Every product can now be digitally identified, tracked and managed throughout its lifecycle. And billions of consumers with smartphones can interact with these products simply by pointing their camera.

In our Connect to Nature series, we’ll explore how connected packaging can help producers make a sustainable impact. We’ll see how brands can engage consumers in the product journey. And we’ll discover how supply chain sustainability can become a competitive asset.  

Stay tuned for part two when we’ll dive into the demands of conscious consumers and how brands can answer them with connecting packaging.

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