Our unique flagship project, Cartons for Good, has made some great strides this year and is now close to kick-starting operations

In our last Cartons for Good update in April, we looked at how this flagship project of our WAY BEYOND GOOD first began to take shape. Our pilot project to help save surplus food and feed local schoolchildren in Bangladesh has really moved on this year, so here’s a brief rundown of what’s happened since….

The creativity of children

The creativity of children

Cartons for Good is in large part about children – giving them the essential food they need and a chance of a good education. So we thought about ways in which we could involve them in our plans to turn farmers’ surplus crops into food packs for local schools.

We created an inspirational story about a farmer called Rakib who brings his leftover pumpkins to SIG so they can be used to feed school children. And we read this story to children around the world, asking them to draw pictures of what of they heard.

The results were fantastic with over 120 drawings used to create a unique and colourful design for our Cartons for Good food packs. It’s a fun and creative way to tell our story, showing how SIG will make a positive impact to livelihoods and communities.


Recipes to reduce waste

Recipes to reduce waste

The main part of the Cartons for Good project is preventing food waste. But we know that using up unused food can sometimes be challenging. So we came up with a list of delicious and healthy recipes to maximise everyday ingredients – applying the same creativity that will help us make the most of harvest surpluses in Bangladesh.

Want to know the kind of meals we’ll be cooking up in Bangladesh? Then why not download one of our Cartons for Good recipes to try at home.

Landing in Bangladesh

Landing in Bangladesh

To make Cartons for Good work on the ground, we engineered a downsized and mobile filling unit that will be easy to operate and maintain locally. And in late September, this mobile filling unit began its journey to Bangladesh together with our unique children-inspired packs.

Setting sail from Antwerp in Belgium, our Cartons for Good shipping container arrived in Bangladesh in October to begin its testing phase in November. That means it won’t be long now before we can start filling our first food packs and giving schoolchildren a hot, healthy meal every day.



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