“I have no doubt that certification schemes will play a role in achieving the SDG targets, but there is an argument to say they don’t go far enough.”
David Burrows, food and sustainability expert, commentator for foodnavigator.com
On the expert platform foodnavigator.com, food and sustainability expert David Burrows asks how useful and necessary voluntary sustainability programmes are in the food industry. On the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals, he concludes that the sector is moving in the right direction to face the challenge and set sustainable goals.

Burrows also quotes from Global Opportunity Report produced by energy and sustainability consultants DNV GL, whose Chief Sustainability Officer Bjørn Haugland notes a ‘mindset change’ among those in charge at the food and drink companies.

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“This mindset change is not only seen [in] large organisations with a clear sustainability strategy. It is also something that smaller and medium enterprises are starting to realise.”
Bjørn Haugland, Chief Sustainability Officer, DNV GL
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