In part five of our Connect to Nature series, we roundup the journey so far and look at how you can take the next step to sustainability with SIG

In our Connect to Nature series, we’ve explored the growing pressure and potential around sustainability today. We’ve seen how consumers are demanding food and beverage producers to consider their environmental and social impact.

And we’ve seen how connected packaging is opening up a world of possibilities for producers to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain – from helping make production more efficient to enabling consumers to make more informed and responsible choices.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve learned this series…

Consumers are more conscious than ever and prioritising sustainable products

Connected packs help brands stand out by making information easy to access 

They can help streamline sourcing, manufacturing and distribution processes

And they can even boost recycling rates to help close the loop on packaging

Connect with SIG

Ready to reap the rewards of connecting packaging? Check out our range of Connected Pack solutions enabled via unique on-pack QR codes – see how you can monitor and optimise the entire product journey for every single pack.

Watch the film to see how these solutions work…

See the potential

Want a full overview of the entire Connect to Nature series? We’ve created a handy review highlighting the sustainability potential of connected packaging. Get your copy now by filling out the download form below.

Connect to Nature

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