Networking between machines and products is a technical ‘mega-trend’, as reflected by Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and the Internet of Things. The vision is to have products – or rather, their packaging – networked together and with the entire production and marketing process. This concept has already been discussed in SIGnals.

“Businesses should consider creating a digital roadmap, to help define their future data and technology requirements.”
– Eugene Smethurst

In a guest piece on, which we recommend reading, Eugene Smethurst of Aecom writes that Industry 4.0 will help to improve food quality in particular, and that supply chain integration is one of the main advantages of this fourth Industrial Revolution.

Of particular interest is Smethurst’s prediction of the challenges that foodstuff manufacturers will have to face with increasing reliance on networked production and products. He refers in particular to “recruiting, developing and retaining a workforce capable of understanding and running complex data business operations”.

Read the full article here.

Eugene Smethurst is head of process and automation control services at Aecom.

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