What is healthstyle?

Health today is no longer just about the absence of illness. It’s now a whole lifestyle in its own right with more people prioritising healthy living and wellbeing. This growing healthstyle trend means that consumers are not only thinking more about healthy eating. They’re actively buying food and beverage products, which improve their health, taste great and save them time.

What does this mean for produces?

Consumers want to eat more healthfully, which means they are now willing to pay more for healthy foods. This is presenting new opportunities for premium value products with real health benefits, particularly amongst young Millennial consumers. But research shows that there is still room for indulgent treats, meaning taste is as important as ever.

How can SIG assist?

SIG has created a handy healthstyle sheet, giving a concise summary of this growing trend. You’ll find key facts, findings and takeaways, as well as an insight into the true market potential for food and beverage producers. Download the trend sheet here.


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