An SIG carton pack might look simple but innovation is packed into every single one with our range of unique protective structures

Every day, millions of people consume SIG carton packs. We know that many won’t stop to think about the pack itself – they simply enjoy another product that’s safe, reliable and conveniently stored. But an SIG carton pack is much more than simply a product container. Behind each pack is a world of innovation to create packaging that’s right for both product and consumer.

The key element in all our packs is renewable paperboard. To ensure these packs can handle several different product types, such as milks, juices and liquid foods, this paperboard comes in a range of protective barriers and structures featuring fine layers of polyethylene and aluminium. Creating these structures is a specialised process, which considers everything from affordability and functionality to safety and sustainability. And it all starts by analysing consumer needs.

A pack to handle the heat

When looking at the hot drinks market, for example, SIG research found that consumers wanted quicker, more convenient options for preparing hot drinks – both for at-home and on-the-go consumption. Yet many were unhappy with available heating methods, revealing an untapped opportunity for carton packaging enabling fast and convenient heating.

To meet this demand, we developed a conveniently microwavable structure called Heat&Go. It replaces the aluminium film found inside our standard carton structure with a high-barrier alternative allowing drinks to be microwaved without compromising protection or product quality. Heat&Go meets the highest levels of consumer safety as it can be heated up to 60°C without damaging pack integrity and has a fail-safe against bursting when overheated.

Packaging with a purpose

Greater convenience isn’t the only demand we’re seeing; consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the world around them. This means they’re actively choosing products and packaging that are sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. In fact, research from Cone Communications shows that 90% of consumers would switch brands to one associated with a social or environmental cause.

To help producers meet this need for sustainable and renewable packaging, we developed the SIGNATURE PACK – the world’s first aseptic pack 100% linked to plant-based materials. The main material in SIGNATURE PACK is FSCTM certified paperboard (Trademark licence code: FSCTM CO20428), meaning all paperboard is responsibly and sustainably sourced. Crucially, the aluminium layer has been replaced with a special Polyamide (PA) polymer barrier, while all pack plastics, including closures, come from renewable plant materials thanks to a mass balancing system.

Balancing cost and quality

As the world continues to grow and develop, consumer trends will come and go. But affordability looks set to be a long-term concern, particularly in emerging markets where consumers want safe and nutritional products at affordable price points. The challenge for food and beverage producers then is to develop packaging options that offer maximum product safety and quality at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Lite is our packaging structure designed to address affordability needs and is optimised for everyday mass-produced products. Producers can therefore use Lite to clearly differentiate budget-focused products from premium offerings to offer more affordable products, such as simple juice and milk drinks.

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