Home isn’t only where the heart is – it’s where the fun is. As more consumers look to recreate outside experiences at home, it’s giving rise to a new era of ‘insperiences’

It’s official: staying in is the new going out. Consumers are no longer spending all their time and money on the latest bars, restaurants and theatres. They’re making home the hottest new destination – using products and technology to curate unique at-home experiences that offer new ways to socialise and entertain. Welcome to the insperience era.

Insperiences, or upgraded cocooning, is all about bringing the best of the world outside inside. It’s recreating exclusive and premium experiences such as gourmet-style dining, big-screen entertainment and café-quality drinks. All with the convenience, comfort and security of being in your own inner sanctuary.

This desire to go domestic is being seen across all age groups and demographics, from Gen Zers and Millennials to Gen Xers. With consumers living busier, more prosperous and image-conscious lifestyles, it seems we’re all looking for shareable and experience-rich products that give us something worth staying home.

For the food and beverage industry, the insperience impact is really being felt within the hot drinks market. According to research by Reportlinker, 71% of global consumers consider recreating café-style hot drinks to be achievable or very achievable, which in turn is increasing the popularity of premium hot drinks for at-home consumption.

Bringing experiences home

This demand for hot drink products is reportedly strongest in the Asian markets, yet SIG’s own consumer research in China revealed that 72% of consumers who want hot drinks said there were no suitable packaging solutions available.

To tap into this potential for convenient and value-added hot drinks – both for at-home and on-the-go consumption – SIG has developed a solution called Heat&Go. This microwavable carton structure is designed to make heating ambient beverages safe and convenient. As a result, consumers can enjoy premium and quality drinking experiences – whenever and wherever.

SIG is helping producers realise the potential for other at-home lifestyle drinks. Think barista-quality cold brew coffees, indulgent coffee creamers, refreshing iced teas and even café-worthy muesli breakfasts using premium nut milk. The possibilities are limitless.

While the market for upgraded home experiences is growing, the insperience era isn’t about entirely replacing traditional ‘outside’ experiences. It’s about extending and personalising these experiences to create something bespoke and memorable for individuals, friends and families. This means food and beverage producers will need to start thinking more creatively. They have to be prepared to meet even higher consumer expectations.

Want to know more about the insperience potential? Contact us now or discover more about SIG’s Heat&Go solution.


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