In part one of our Digital Discovery series, we look at how the digital transformation of industry is well underway and why it’s crucial to keep up with the latest smart factory innovations

All across the industrial world, digital transformation is taking hold. As more manufacturers switch on to the benefits of becoming a digital enterprise, we’re seeing a complete reinvention in how products, solutions and services are being developed. Virtually every industry is either at or near a pivotal stage in digital transformation. The key issue for manufacturers, it seems, is whether they’ll come out ahead of the pack or be left behind.  

Where are we now?

Digital transformation has long been a hot topic on SIGnals. We’ve looked at the key expectations and getting started and how the food and beverage industry is ready for change. But digital transformation isn’t a one-and-done process. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it’s crucial for companies to keep up or fall behind. So where are we now? What new digital developments are industries talking about? And which ones are set to have the biggest impact?

In our new Digital Discovery series, we’ll deep dive into the digital breakthroughs and innovations turning traditional manufacturing on its head. We’ll see which new technologies are driving smarter, more integrated factories and how they could radically transform food and beverage production in the coming years.

Look out for part two when we’ll explore the continuing evolution of artificial intelligence. 

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