Sometimes the benefit is so obvious that you almost overlook it. That’s not likely to happen with malt beverages – they have so many good things when it comes to current trends. Especially with regards to sugar and natural ingredients.

“With a naturally nutty-sweet and slightly buttery taste, malt is full of vitamins, minerals, starch, protein and trace elements, making it a good energy source. Beyond kids and the elderly, the average adult and athletes can benefit from such beverages as well.”
– Kalayanee Poon-asawasombat

Kalayanee Poon-asawasombat, Ph.D., Head of Cluster Marketing Asia-Pacific South at SIG, explains on the growth potential that malt offers for beverage producers – and the new target groups that can be tapped into with malt drinks and cross-over recipes. Her report also traces the history of malt as it has evolved from a food ingredient to a trend beverage.
Read here the full commentary of Kalayanee Poon-asawasombat about malt beverages.
We’d like to thank Asia Pacific Food Industry for the opportunity to put forward our detailed views on the possibilities that malt offers for beverage fillers.

And here are two promotional videos for malt beverages from Vietnam:



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