Millennials drink juice differently. So Pfanner decided to start serving it differently. Pfanner Getränke GmbH, an internationally active and long-established premium manufacturer of juices and fruit juice drinks, has introduced a new beverage range called Supersäfte (or ‘super juices’) in combidome 500ml. The new beverages – in SIG’s carton bottles – are perfect for on-the-go consumption for millennials in particular.

Time for a change

With the aim of greater differentiation, Pfanner launched a number of its best-selling fruit juices in the innovative carton bottle in 2016, after 18 years of the gable-top carton. The great market success that followed convinced the company to also offer its new juice range. This is specially developed for the needs of young, mobile, urban millennials – in SIG’s convenient and equally stylish 500ml combidome carton bottle.

All boxes ticked

We know that the biggest demand right now is for on-the-go products that taste good, are healthy and nutritious and give consumers the feeling that they haven’t been eating junk food. Convenience remains one of the big issues for consumers when it comes to beverage packaging. Besides protecting the product, packaging needs to be easy to use – also when consumers are on the move. Combidome is ideal for drinking straight from the pack.

Not only does the design’s sleek and dynamic look make it easy to differentiate from competitors. It also features a larger printable surface. The four display surfaces and the distinctive dome of the carton pack, which is made entirely from a cardboard composite, are optimised to attract young consumers to the product. The carton is also easy to pour or drink from due to its wider opening — making it perfect for on-the-fly drinkers.

Perfect for millennials

As we know, each generation has its own habits, desires and demands. Millennials, for example, are often snacking instead of eating regular meals. On top of that, they consume drink products more often on-the-go or at least out of home.

Therefore, products in functional packaging forms and sizes are best suited to this audience. Like the 500ml combidome carton bottle, for example. With tailored products like these, certain target groups can be addressed more efficiently and all their needs can be met, giving them a great product that fits with their lifestyle.

More than just the pack

SIG’s involvement in Supersäfte extended way beyond packaging. Close cooperation with Pfanner meant creating a complete product concept. All the way from product ideas and recipes, to overall marking. That decided the combidome 500 ml was the perfect packaging solution. Through working closely with each other in a partnership, Pfanner and SIG could develop Supersäfte as a complete product solution for this health-conscious group.

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