What is mobility?

Cheap airfares, more advanced mobile phones, tablets, laptops. All these things and many other technological innovations have enabled us to do almost anything from anywhere.

How has life changed?

Today, there’s no need to stay at work to take that important call. We can go shopping in Paris or catch up with friends on the other side of the world, while we commute to work on the train. In fact, fewer people than ever have ‘to go’ to work at all, since they can work, attend meetings, deliver reports from literally anywhere in the world.

But it’s not just our lifestyles that have changed. Our tastes and preferences for food and drinks have evolved as a result of greater mobility. Instant access to information about absolutely anything has also meant we’ve become more conscious of what we consume, how ingredients are sourced, and how products are made.

Who is leading the change?

Just about everybody. But, not surprisingly, millennials are the key influencers. With more and more cities becoming melting pots, the millennials’ tastes have been influenced by international cuisines. They often eat and drink on the go and they respect brands that share their beliefs and lead the way.

What does all this mean for manufacturers?

Mobility on the go

Consumers want healthy alternatives to traditional snacks and they want to be able to choose from a wide range of tastes and experiences. Thus, thanks to factors like commuting times, these snacks regularly serve as a quick meal replacement. However, consumers are more concerned than ever about social and environmental issues, which can sway what they choose from the shelf. All these factors pressure manufacturers to become more transparent, creative and attentive.

How can SIG assist?

SIG has identified four key criteria to help beverage manufacturers create successful on-the-go concepts:

  1. Smaller, more practical packaging
  2. Pay attention to tastes, flavours and ingredients
  3. Adapt production to suit more compact packaging, with facilities for screw tops and straws
  4. Be transparent. Reassure customers by integrating imprints or QR code to track ingredients

Find out how SIG can ensure you benefit from the mobility phenomenon. Find your local representative here. You can also download the detailed white paper here.


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