In part one of our new World Behind the Pack series, we begin our deep dive into the unseen world of aseptic packaging and what it takes to produce

Since the dawn of mankind, packaging has been an essential part of daily life. Whether to store, transport, protect or preserve, packaging in some form or another has always existed – becoming more sophisticated and indispensable as our lives have become more demanding. In fact, packaging is now so ubiquitous that most of us won’t often think about a food or drink package – it’s simply opened and used then discarded.

Behind every pack

Take an SIG carton pack. Every day, millions of people consume a product in one of our aseptic packs. We know many won’t stop to think about the pack itself – they simply enjoy another product that’s safe, reliable and conveniently stored.

But an SIG carton pack is so much more than simply a product container. Behind each pack is a whole world of engineering, innovation and science to create packaging that’s not only right for both the product and consumer but also our planet.

So while filling an SIG carton might only take a few seconds, the story of packaging has been thousands of years in the making. Watch the video below for a very brief history of packaging…

Join the journey

Want to know more? In the World Behind the Pack series, we’ll reveal exactly what it takes to create an SIG carton – right from the responsible sourcing of materials and creating innovative shapes and structures, to standing out on retail shelves and minimising the impact of products.   

Stay tuned for part two when we’ll explain how and where it all starts with the careful sourcing of our raw materials.

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