With consumer eating and drinking habits constantly changing, we look back at some of the new SIG-packed products designed to meet today’s big trends.

As in any consumer industry, food and beverage producers are driven by trends. Urbanisation, digitalisation and on-the-go lifestyles are all changing the way we live, work and consume – creating new consumer needs and ever-greater industry demands.

In this trend-driven market, it’s crucial for producers to keep up and meet today’s needs – offering innovative products in innovative packaging. And no one understands this better than SIG. In the past 12 months, we’ve helped our customers launch a range of on-trend food and drink products that truly stand out.

Here’s a rundown of the top trends and the SIG-packed products to meet them…

Dairy free

Plant-based milks and drinks are booming as some consumers perceive dairy-free products to be healthier and more sustainable for the environment. In fact, according to Mintel, non-dairy milk sales have increased steadily over the past five years, growing an impressive 61% since 2012.

SIG-packed products


The dairy-free macadamia milk manufacturer, Milkadamia, sources its nuts from ‘free-range trees’ in Australia and launched its new vanilla creamer in our convenient carton bottle – combidome.


SIG-packed products


Ethical US food manufacturer nutpods re-released their seasonal plant-based coffee creamer product in our SIGNATURE PACK, which is 100% linked to renewable forest-based materials.


Healthy and natural living

People are prioritising healthy and natural living as part of the growing healthstyle and organic trends. This means consumers are not only thinking more about healthy eating. They’re actively buying natural food and beverages that improve their health, taste great and save them time.

SIG-packed products


When healthy food brand Picnik launched its first ever butter coffee creamer, their unique product called for a unique and innovative packaging solution like combidome.


SIG-packed products

Drink Simple™

The producer of the pure maple water product DRINKmaple™ is now bringing naturally sweet plant hydration to US consumers in combidome cartons that contain 75% paperboard.


SIG-packed products


With an eye on the growing vegetable drinks market, Cooperativa Piá has developed its PIÁ Natur line, consisting of almond, coconut and oatmeal drinks, in our 1 litre combifit packs.


SIG-packed products

Arla Foods

Arla foods in Germany became our first customer to choose the SIGNATURE PACK for its organic milk product, Arla BIO Weidemilch, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.


On-the-go drinks

The world is more urbanised and mobile than ever. Modern on-the-go consumers want more from the food and drinks they choose. They want highly-convenient and good-looking products to eat or drink quickly, as well as added value in quality and experience.

SIG-packed products


The Mengniu Dairy Group in China chose our innovative combismile pack for its new long-life yoghurt with coconut chips and berry jams, targeted at young and mobile consumers.


SIG-packed products


Mengniu once again chose combismile for one of its innovative dairy drinks, ManRan (Burnlooking) – a low-cal milkshake which is set to shake up the Asian milk market.


SIG-packed products


To meet demanding Millennial needs, premium juice drinks manufacturer Pfanner introduced a new beverage range called Supersäfte (or ‘super juices’) in combidome 500ml.


SIG-packed products


When China’s largest dairy producer Yili needed a packaging solution for its premium Shuhua milk brand, it looked no further than the unique shape and on-the-go value of combismile.


Want to know more about how our packs can help you meet today’s trends? Contact us now or learn more about our commitment to Product Innovation & Differentiation.


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