“Here at SIG, we know how significant our forests are, and how important it is to maintain them. We congratulate the FSC for contributing in a way that makes a difference.”
Udo Felten, Expert for Product Related Global Environmental Sustainability & Affairs at SIG

For us, as a manufacturer of carton packages, wood is naturally our most important raw material. That’s why the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) and SIG have enjoyed a close partnership for many years now, and all SIG packaging materials plants were FSC-certified as early as 2009.

The FSC has now put together a great website to highlight its mission: “Forests for all, forever”.

Check out the great FSC website here.

We are proud to have made the FSC’s values an integral part of our company and that we fully comply with FSC requirements. We are particularly pleased that we can use the FSC label on 100% of our carton packages from this year.

Do you have any questions or suggestions relating to sustainable forestry management? Write to us or leave a comment.

(Licence number: FSC-C020428)

Posted by Udo Felten

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