It’s a proven science that emotions drive purchases but brands that create a strong emotional connection stand to gain loyal and long-lasting customers

What makes a product successful? Ask 10 marketing experts and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. From attractive price points and high quality to innovative features, there are countless factors that contribute to a product’s success. But sometimes it takes more than logic or market analysis for a product to stand out. It takes looking beyond everyday needs to connect with consumers on a deeply emotional level.

As any behavioural scientist knows, emotions exert a far more powerful response than purely rational decision-making. A memorable brand experience generates an emotional reaction that can lead to greater levels of trust. So, when companies successfully connect with consumer emotions, the rewards can be great.

In fact, according to Temkin Group, 87% of consumers make multiple purchases based on their emotions. Research from the customer experience specialist also found that a positive emotional connection to a brand means consumers are more likely to discuss the brand with others and also be more forgiving of its mistakes.

As consumers deepen their relationships with a brand, they feel more genuine and stronger emotional connections. And, according to research from the Harvard Business Review, those consumers who become ‘fully connected’ emotionally are 52% more valuable to brands than those who are ‘highly satisfied’. So the question is, how do you create an emotional connection?

Some brands naturally find it easier to generate an emotional connection but even something as humble as toilet paper can create a powerful response. In their article exploring brands and emotions, PwC cites toilet paper brand Andrex as a great example of how to realise a product’s emotional possibilities.

The toilet paper brand famously features playful Labrador puppies across its advertising and marketing to tap into a simple but potent emotion: happiness. Through this consistent emotional communication, Andrex has become the UK’s biggest non-food selling brand in a grocery category worth more than £1 billion.

Connections that count

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, the power of emotions is ever-more prevalent as consumers choose more personal and human brands they can engage with. It’s a trend that Languiru, one of Brazil’s biggest dairy producers, has been keen to explore with its own customers to drive trust, loyalty and growth.

As part of an integrated track-and-trace system, SIG developed a digital marketing solution for Languiru that not only boosted sales and brand engagement but enabled the producer to gain quality consumer insights and establish an emotional connection. All consumers had to do was scan a unique QR code on each pack to participate in a digital campaign to win prizes, such as bikes, smartphones and vouchers.

From grandparents to grandchildren, the promotion invited the whole family to participate since all ages could play and win prizes. Parents and grandparents were even shown to buy more Languiru milk products than normal to claim gifts for younger family members – especially a series of collectible emoji pillows.

These Languiru-branded emoji pillows proved hugely popular with children and helped Languiru create a simple but emotional brand connection with a future generation of consumers. The company has also been able to gather detailed consumer profile information, which will help them better communicate with their customers in the future, offer more personalised promotions and ultimately establish long-lasting emotional connections.

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