With consumers seeking more seasonally-minded hot drinks, SIG has created a solution to help producers always be in season during winter

Over the past decade, the seasonal eating trend has boomed with consumers making more food choices based on the time of year. In many ways, this trend is a reversion back to the traditional diets of yesteryear with people eating ingredients like fruits and vegetables that are fresh, ripe and plentiful for the season. And it’s not just seasonal foods that are in demand; consumers now have a taste for more seasonal drinks.

According to Mintel research, the popularity of seasonal drinks is high with 43% of US consumers preferring seasonal ingredients in their coffee drinks. For millennials, this demand is even higher at 53%, while for iGeneration consumers, it’s at 57%. Tea is also becoming a more popular seasonal drink, with one third (34%) of consumers claiming they look for seasonal ingredients in tea.

When it comes to hot winter beverages, the pumpkin spice latte has become a huge hit amongst coffee drinkers, with Mintel finding consumers are more likely to gravitate toward salty/sweet, spicy/sweet, savoury and spicy flavoured drinks during the season. Other popular tastes to see us through the colder months include cinnamon and ginger, salted caramel, smoked butterscotch, chestnut praline, and a range of hot chocolate combinations.

Heating up the season

Despite the demand for seasonal hot drink products, SIG research found many consumers were unhappy with the number of convenient options available. So, after revealing an untapped opportunity for carton packaging that allows fast and convenient heating of drinks, we developed the new Heat&Go solution.

This conveniently microwavable structure makes heating ambient beverages convenient, without compromising protection or quality, and is the ideal solution for producers looking to offer seasonal hot drink products. Watch the video below to see the seasonal and premium potential of Heat&Go, whether at home or on the go.

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