In part one of our World of Water series, we begin our journey into the evolving tastes and trends of water, exploring its ever-growing appeal as a product

Water. It’s the most important substance on our planet as, in one way or another, every living thing depends on it. Put simply, if there was no water there’d be no life on earth. While its essentiality has always been clear, water has become much more than a natural resource. In fact, it’s long been marketed as a differentiated product with a unique and lucrative potential. 

As far back as the 18th century, water has been associated with desirable values like health, purity and rejuvenation. In Europe in particular, the unique mineral compositions of springs at spas and baths were celebrated for their apparent abilities to cure ailments and improve wellbeing. And as more people visited these resorts to imbibe their healthful elixirs, the world of branded water products began to take shape.

More natural and ethical

Fast forward to the 21st century and the appeal of water as a product is stronger than ever. Consumers around the world are still looking to water or near-water drinks for many of the same values expressed more than 200 years ago; they’re considered a pure and trusted choice offering a range of health benefits.

Added to this long-standing perception is the current demand for more natural and ethically-produced products, drawing on several major food and beverage trends – from individualisation and premiumisation to sustainability and healthstyle. All of which has made water drinks today a rapidly growing trend with huge market potential.

Tapping into the trend

In the World of Water series, we’ll deep dive into this growing trend – looking at how much we’re consuming and why, some of the latest products to hit the market, and how producers can tap into it with more natural, responsible and sustainable packaging solutions. Don’t miss part two when we’ll explore today’s taste for more ethical water drinks.    

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