Where did this product come from? It’s a simple question that’s fuelling a new era of fully transparent and traceable products. We explore how

Consumers want to buy healthy, quality food they can trust. They want to know where it comes from, who produced it, where it’s been, and how it got to their table. Put simply, they want to understand the entire food supply chain – from farm to fork. And, for this information, they are willing to pay a premium.

Many businesses are already using traceability systems to automatically collect data at every stage of the product journey. But this information is now being made available to consumers to meet the demand for product transparency. With advanced traceability systems, producers can not only optimise their business process but also strengthen consumer confidence in the quality and safety of their products.

Barcoding has long been the standard, cost-effective way to track-and-trace. But new and ever-more intelligent traceability systems using RFID technology are enabling more detailed and quality data exchange. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global food traceability market is expected to be worth more than $14bn by 2020. And out of all traceability technologies, the use of RFID technology is set to grow the highest at a rate of 19.4%.

RFID technology is increasing due to its potential for real-time tracking as well as its accurate read-write ability in complex environments. This means producers, suppliers, and customers can reliably track collected data to prove the quality, origin, and freshness of products. In short, this technology assures them a fully traceable and transparent product.

Achieving 100% transparency

SIG uses advanced technology within its own Track & Trace system. It enables producers to locate every single pack in their supply chain – from raw materials, processing and filling to quality checks, logistics, right up to the supermarket shelf. All collected data is stored in one database and can be linked to each individual pack. This is thanks to unique, fraud-proof QR code printing technology.

To access this information, consumers just need to scan the code with their smartphone. Producers, meanwhile, can access analytical reports and gain full product transparency in the entire value chain. This ensures greater connectivity, authenticity, and quality, helping strengthen consumer trust and engagement while opening up new optimisation opportunities.

With 100% transparency set to become the new standard, now is the time to integrate advanced track-and-trace technology into your business. So you can gain full visibility of your supply chain and deliver trusted value-added products.

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