With manufacturers operating in a new era of production demands, SIG has developed a new digital filling line solution to support them in their smart factory journey

When it comes to food and beverage production today, filling plants are operating on a whole new level. Manufacturers are handling higher demands, growing competition and ever-shorter production cycles. Yet they’re often facing a number of operational challenges, such as outdated data, multiple reporting systems, manual data collection and a lack of filling line insights.

To overcome these operational challenges, SIG set out to develop a single and flexible information management solution for food and beverage production. And, in doing so, created a digital solution that offers a completely new way of monitoring and analysing the efficiency and productivity of a filling line. The result is combiLink.

What is combiLink?

combiLink is a digital solution that integrates a complete filling line, connecting all SIG machines as well as equipment from third-party suppliers. It enables manufacturers to intervene fast and optimise filling line operations whenever necessary thanks to unlimited real-time data, intelligent analysis and a single window to access the complete line.

How does it work?

With the same connectivity used in IoT applications, combiLink seamlessly connects every machine to ensure an integrated end-to-end filling line. This enables it to collect real-time operational information and present insights in customisable visual dashboards together with filling line running status and failure alerts that ensure quick corrective actions.

What are the benefits?

combiLink allows Bi-Directional communication with a plant manufacturing execution system to ensure fully transparent reporting. And with its open architecture, it can support customised applications for controlled production and automated operations. In short, combiLink is the right enabler for smart factory operations, securing the best possible performance out of every line.

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