“We are going Way Beyond Good. It is part of our business strategy and designed to help our customers and our company meet the growing sustainability demands of fast-changing markets.”
Rolf Stangl, CEO at SIG Combibloc
Global megatrends, such as population growth, rapid urbanisation, a fast-expanding middle class and the effects of climate change create complex challenges for business that are echoed in the United Nations’ recently published Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SIG Combibloc has launched a comprehensive roadmap to become a net-positive business. But what means net-positive and how will SIG reach that goal?

In this video, SIG CEO Rolf Stangl explains our responsibility approach: Way Beyond Good

We put responsibility at the core of our business strategy and we are dedicated to running a responsible company, with responsible products made from responsible sources.

Going Way Beyond Good will make us a better business, better connected to the needs of society and the environment. And, of course, it will make us a better partner for our customers.

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