“A responsible sourcing program helps to eliminate sustainability risks in the supply chain. It helps customers and consumers to be sure that the product they choose is sourced from responsibly managed resources and responsible suppliers.”
– Dr. Christian Bauer
Where does our milk come from? From happy cows. And our favourite juice? It’s made from fruit obtained from environmentally responsible cultivation. But all the products we buy and consume come from a complex supply chain. So consumers want to be sure that the companies that sell the products, and those companies’ suppliers, treat products, people and the environment in a responsible way. Packaging also plays an important role in this.

In this brief video, SIG environmental expert Christian Bauer explains the principle of responsible sourcing, which is helping us meet the demands of our customers and consumers.



In this previous post Christian Bauer has explained what a life-cycle assessment (LCA) is, and why it’s so important for SIG.

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