“From now on we have a greater competitive advantage within the market compared to many other brands. The new technology enables us to offer differentiated products.”
– Dirceu Bayer, President of Languiru Cooperative

To enhance customer trust in the quality of their dairy products, Languiru Cooperative wanted to create a track-and-trace solution that makes product data easily accessible for end-users. Together with Siemens, SIG set up an integrated system that collects data at every stage of the product journey, from collection point through processing right up to the supermarket, and merges all information into a database.

An individual QR code for every carton pack

Key to the system is a unique, fraud-proof QR code, printed individually on each package by SIG’s filling line. So by using a QR code reader on their smartphones, consumers can view all relevant data, from production dates to chemical analyses of raw and processed milk. This system establishes a direct link to consumers, providing more possibilities for digital marketing activities, including targeting specific supermarket chains or regions. Besides building transparency and trust, the system also helps to optimise production and logistics processes, leading to more cost efficiency at Languiru’s plant.

Watch our video to gain an insight into to this unprecedented project demonstrating SIG’s three core value offerings: Product Innovation & Differentiation, Smart Factory and Connected Pack, enabling Languiru to gain a competitive advantage in today’s market



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