The current augmented reality hype surrounding the mobile game Pokémon Go has many a parent despairing, and marketeers rejoicing. One group sees their children glued to their Smartphones (even more than usual, but now they’re doing it outdoors!). The other sees undreamed-of marketing opportunities, with the possibility of steering players in the direction of their shops and products.

“We like working with thought-leading brands who are thinking deeply about how they can reimagine the relationship between their physical products and the digital world.”
– International Bottler & Packer

But one thing is clear: with the Nintendo game, augmented reality has abruptly exploded into the public consciousness. Beverage packaging too can increase its attractiveness using this technology. Several months ago now, SIGnals reported on SIG’s collaboration with Zappar, the leading specialist in on-package augmented reality. And now ‘International Bottler & Packer’ is also writing about it in the magazine’s latest issue:

Read here the full article (page 10-11).

And in this great video you can discover in a few moments how easily customers can use the augmented reality content:

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