“We hate change. Why? Because we’re addicted to the present, to the status quo. It’s comfortable. It’s predictable. It’s navigable. But, here’s the thing: Change is coming.”
Brian Wagner, Senior Director at AMERIPEN
The pressure on the packaging industry to manufacture its products sustainably and to support a responsible supply chain for its customers is increasing from a number of angles. In an article on packagingdigest.com, Robert Lilienfeld and Brian Wagner describe these effects as inevitable. Both Senior Directors at the American Institute for Packaging and Environment (AMERIPEN), Lilienfeld and Wagner urge the industry to proactively embrace these challenges:

  • The continued drive by legislators, non-government organizations (NGOs) and consumers for increased sustainability and waste reduction.
  • Digital transformation and e-commerce shifting power across the value chain.
  • Massive CPG consolidation that reduces jobs and increases uncertainty.
  • Ongoing globalisation and emerging market growth.
  • New materials that challenge existing recovery channels.

Read the full article here.

SIG is taking a proactive approach to the task of delivering sustainable products and solutions. In fact, we can even say we’re not just awaiting the current and future changes with open arms. We’re actually shaping those changes ourselves. Thus, the targets and processes that we’re formulating in our Way Beyond Good will provide SIG’s customers and partners with the ultimate in sustainable supply chains.

Whether it’s SIGNATURE PACK, our latest innovation or the fact that all SIG carton packs can now carry the FSC label – as well as state-of-the-art Track & Trace solutions such as those being used by Brazilian dairy group Languiru – SIG is right there at the customer’s side as a trusted partner to help tackle the new challenges facing the industry.


Would you like to find out more about SIG’s Way Beyond Good and branch solutions? Then please write us an email or leave a comment.


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