At this year’s GreenBizz Forum – an international meeting point for sustainability leaders – Townsend Bailey, Director Supply Chain Sustainability for McDonald’s USA, made a quite astute observation:

“We can have Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso, we can have
great sustainability programmes in our coffee supply chain.
But if we serve it to our customers in a foam cup, they won’t believe it.”

Bailey participated alongside Sophie Beckham, Manager Forest Stewardship and Sustainability at International Paper, in a panel discussion in which the two discussed cooperation between the fast food company and the paper manufacturer.

We entirely agree with the core statement made by the two speakers: cross-industry collaboration accelerates supply chain sustainability.

All SIG packs can be FSC™ labelled

As early as last year, SIG was the first carton packaging provider to secure a sufficient supply of Forest Stewardship Council™ -certified liquid packaging board (licence code: FSC™ C020428). Since August 2016 100% of SIG Combibloc carton packs for food and beverages can be labelled with the logo of the FSC. That’s something that we can guarantee thanks to an ideally structured network of raw carton suppliers, all of which have certified carton manufacturing facilities.

SIG has been working closely with sustainable suppliers for many years now. We were an early adopter of FSC certification and have led the industry in providing FSC-certified products that can be traced back to source.

Products consumers can believe in

SIG´s solutions let its customers promote their sustainable products to consumers consistently. For example just recently we launched SIGNATURE – the world’s first aseptic pack 100% linked to plant-based renewable material. That means SIG offer a solution that meets the industry’s demands for a sustainable supply chain, and one that consumers can believe in. 

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About Townsend Bailey:
Townsend Bailey leads supply chain sustainability for McDonald’s USA. In this role, he works with suppliers, industry and stakeholders to integrate sustainability into McDonald’s food sourcing strategies from the farm to the front counter.

About Sophie Beckham:
Sophie Beckham is the Manager of Natural Capital Stewardship at International Paper , where she manages a diverse array of initiatives aimed at improving IP’s environmental footprint and promoting the long-term sustainability of natural resources.


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