“The proliferation of mobile devices capable of supporting augmented reality offers a new lens to explore the world. Augmented reality’s unique strength is not in its reach, but in the frequency and depth of consumer engagement it delivers.”
Caspar Thykier, CEO Zappar

When it comes to the crucial encounter between consumer and product in the store, on the shelf, in many cases there’s a lot riding on the packaging. Do I buy this one? Do I buy the other one? Packaging can be really fun, especially in conjunction with the device that has become such an integral part of our lives: the Smartphone.

With augmented reality, packaging achieves a new, exciting dimension: it entertains, informs, amuses and surprises. UK online magazine raconteur.net has published an interesting article about augmented reality functions on sales packaging.

Read the full article here.

At SIG, we’re already excited about the ways in which our customers are using augmented reality to win over consumers through differentiation on the supermarket shelf.

See Zappar App in action in this video.

Raconteur Media is a publishing house that produces special reports for The Times and The Sunday Times, as well as content marketing solutions for brands and bespoke market research. Its content informs, inspires and influences thought leaders worldwide.

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