“Food companies are also obliged to take social responsibility by fully complying with food safety standards, food safety policies, and implementing procedures and traceability systems.”
Prof. Mark Xu, Portsmouth University
In a joint project carried out by the universities of Portsmouth and Bedfordshire in England and the China Agricultural University in Beijing, researchers have devised a framework for application to the issue of food traceability in China.

The framework sets out 33 critical factors which must be part of any successful information system for continuous guarantee of origin. The study was conducted with 83 companies within China’s food industry, and is intended to help the Chinese government and the industry improve transparency regulations and laws. This might be of high interest in particular for companies exporting to China.

The Chinese and British scientists highlight how important the quality of the information is. They classify these aspects into environmental and organisational success factors, and information and system quality.

Read here the full article.

The scientists have published their study here (fee to download, abstract free of charge).

“Willingness to pay for traceable products by consumers will ultimately drive the proliferation and implementation of successful traceability systems.”
Prof. Mark Xu
The issue of traceability is also high on SIG’s agenda. Our customers rely on us in the supply chain of our packaging materials, and use SIG technology to keep track of their products.

For example, one of Brazil’s largest milk packaging companies, Languiru, recently introduced a special Track & Trace solution. It enables the company to track the milk precisely all the way from farm to supermarket – the pallet, the tray and the individual carton pack. And with attractive possibilities for customer engagement, the products’ visibility can even go as far as the location where the milk is drunk.


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