Every year, hundreds of new products hit the shelves of the beverage market; most of them are innovations, relaunches or updated versions of established products. The content or, of course, the packaging or filling technology may be the new star. Rachel Arthur from trade magazine beveragedaily.com has released an article rounding up some of the most interesting new products:

“The beverages are created using SIG Combibloc’s drinksplus technology, which enables manufacturers to process products with up to 10% natural particulates.”
– Rachel Arthur

South Korean beverage specialist Dr. Chung’s Food makes the cut with its ‘Vegemil’ product ’Muesli Soymilk’. A special feature of this UHT soy drink with muesli is the extra-large cereal particulates. In this product, the drinksplus technology from SIG demonstrates its full capacity.

Read here the full article.

Dr. Chung is now also putting other exciting products on supermarket shelves, such as a UHT coconut drink ‘Real Coconut Milk’.
Content contest: How often does the young woman say ‘coconut’ in the making-of video? Send us a comment or an email with the correct number, and win a 200 ml carton of ‘Real Coconut Milk’. Have fun!

And here’s the ‘Real Coconut Milk’ commercial video:

Find more information about the new Dr. Chung’s Food products here.

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