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Recycling: How cartons compare

In part 1 of our recycling series, we dispelled the myth that beverage cartons can’t be recycled. Now, in part 2, we take a look at how cartons compare with other packaging when it comes to recycling.

/ November 20, 2019

Back to the source

In part two of our World Behind the Pack series, we reveal how and where the life of a pack starts with the responsible sourcing of its materials

/ November 15, 2019

Seeking the taste of nature

In part two of our World of Water series, we look at why consumers are increasingly turning to more premium and responsibly-sourced water drinks

/ November 11, 2019

Connect to nature with SIG

In part five of our Connect to Nature series, we roundup the journey so far and look at how you can take the next step to sustainability with SIG

/ October 30, 2019

How cartons are recycled

Beverage cartons are fully recyclable. But there’s a common misperception that cartons, caps or closures can’t be recycled. We want to dispel this myth to encourage more consumers to recycle their cartons and preserve valuable materials to support the circular...

/ October 25, 2019

When fun meets functional

In part four of our Changing Tastes series, we delve into the growing taste for nutraceuticals, exploring how and why they’re becoming a top choice for young consumers

/ October 17, 2019

There must be something in the water

In part one of our World of Water series, we begin our journey into the evolving tastes and trends of water, exploring its ever-growing appeal as a product

/ October 11, 2019

The next generation network

In part three of our Digital Discovery series, we put the spotlight on the new 5G standard to see just how much it could revolutionise industries

/ October 2, 2019

Towards a circular economy

What exactly does it take to create a circular economy? We look at the core principles of driving a new way to design, make, and use everyday products

/ September 27, 2019

Cartons for good CEO video blog

‘Cartons for Good’, the flagship project of the SIG WAY BEYOND GOOD FOUNDATION, is now live, empowering communities to reduce food loss, support farmers’ livelihoods, and promote children’s nutrition and education.

/ September 17, 2019